FEMINA FROM 12 JUNE 2014-Sala “Gli Arconi” Via Baldassini, Gubbio
PERCORSI DI VITA Curated by Gilberto Madioni,Alba Gonzales and Andrea Roggi
11 september - 5 october 2013, Chiostro di san Pietro - Gubbio (PG)


Dreams and signs
come back and run after
on frustrations, resume to talk,
tell us what to do
and start to scream too

The Monuments

The monumental sculptures
realized in the last 20 years
by Andrea Roggii


The Tree of Life

Most certainly among
the symbols of greatest
interest in Western iconography



In the realm of the arts
there are parallel realities
and contiguous unrealities


The Game of Life

According to common interpretation,
play activities are marginal
to human existence


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